Sierra Leone

Mar 2 2024 - Mar 11 2024
Do you feel a call to missions? Are you passionate about serving others and making a difference in the world? Here is your chance to join us on a life changing trip to Sierra Leone!

We will stay and serve in the Eastern part of the country. We are holding 4 days of medical clinics in 4 different villages. We have identified these 4 villages because they are unreached with the gospel and the inhabitants are living in poverty. 

Medical care is not readily available to the people and Sierra Leone, which is located in West Africa. This nation has the 3rd highest infant mortality rate of all countries. The average life expectancy is age 56 years. Sierra Leone allows freedom of religion with 78% of the population stating Islam is their religion. Through the compassionate medical care, sharing of the gospel and prayer, we trust God that many will come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ.

MPFC along with our partner Global Hope Network International (GHNI) will be working alongside the communities and their leaders in a coaching process to help them come out of poverty. We will be addressing: health, sanitation, access to clean safe drinking water, income generation and a primary education for every girl and boy. We will also be providing care through our eyeglass clinic, handing out expandable shoes, and offering prayer and counseling to those who want it. 

The primary language is English. However there are 23 total languages spoken in Sierra Leone. We will have translators serving alongside of us.  

This trip will include a tourism outing and time to shop for couple souvenirs. 

For this trip we desire: 
Physicians, dentists, medical students, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, optometrists, physical/occupational therapists and non-medical helpers.

Join our medical outreach and together we will make a life long impact as we serve in Sierra Leone. For more information/questions regarding this trip, please contact us: [email protected]


10 going


Sheri Postma



Due 2/16/2024


$1,350.00 1st installment Due 12/8/2023
$1,350.00 Final payment Due 2/16/2024


Mission Partners for Christ Release Form Required

Please complete and return either by email: [email protected] OR
Mission Partners for Christ
PO Box 203
Manhattan, IL 60442




  1. You must complete and pass our background check.You will receive this information after your application is approved.
  2. Each participant will need to provide 3 references. They will receive information regarding this after their application is approved.
  3. Passport with 2 blank pages and at least 6 months past return date of trip (07/11/2024) Provide clear color copy of passport face page by 12/1/2023.
  4. Medical professionals please provide clear copies by 12/1/2023 of your diploma (matching healthcare profession), professional license, current resume.
  5. Consider obtaining Hepatitis A & B and oral typhoid vaccines. Measles vaccine recommended. For more information:
  6. A yellow fever vaccine is required and is usually only available at a travel clinic.
  7. A visa is required. This will be discussed at our 1st team meeting held via Zoom.


  1. We ask each participant to attend team meetings, be on time during the trip and attend all trip activities
  2. We expect participants to be a team player, demonstrate flexibility and be an example of Christ at all times. We will discuss further at our team meetings held via zoom.


  1. You must be 18 years old or older


  1. Complete application, background check, provide references. complete release forms (see attached form) and submit all required documents by due date 12/1/2023
  2. Start fundraising and submit required payments by due date.
  3. Start praying for this outreach
  4. Obtain yellow fever vaccine


God blessed us

By Kimberly Hagerman on 3/12/2024

Sierra Leone

God was with us the whole time. He used the team to heal people but...

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