Nov 4 2023 - Nov 13 2023

For this trip we desire: Both medical professionals and those who work outside the medical field who have hearts to serve. 

Physicians, dentists, medical students, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, optometrists, physical/occupational therapists will play an integral role in our health clinics. Non-medical participants are also deeply needed as they will be responsible for helping with logistics, eyeglass distribution or expandable shoes for the children. 

About Togo and The Togolese People:
Togo is located in West Africa. We will fly into Lome and travel north. The medical team will serve in 4 rural villages that are very interested in being involved in a 3-5 year coaching process to transform themselves and break the cycle of poverty. Together with our partner, Global Hope Network International, we will host a free medical outreach and provide health education. 

The life expectancy for a Togolese is 65 years. The infant mortality rate is 43 out of 1,000. The under 5 mortality rate is 100 per 1000 children. Health education is a very important part of the medical care we provide. Unfortunately many people do not realize they have high blood pressure and if they do, they do not know how to manage it properly. 

What To Expect:

There are over 39 different ethnic groups with many different languages, but don't worrry if you don't speak the languages: we will have translators! During the trip you will enjoy some local food and experience the culture of the people. This will be a trip of a lifetime where you will serve with other like-minded volunteers and creating friendships to last a lifetime!

What We Need From You:

Participants will need a passport which expires after 5/13/24. After we receive your application and you are approved for the trip you will have to complete a background check and provide 3 references. Medical professionals will need to provide their healthcare diploma, healthcare provider license and resume by 9/1/23. A yellow fever vaccine is required. If you are not vaccinated for covid you will be required to obtain a PCR test. 

We ask each participant to attend team meetings, be on time during the trip and attend all trip activities. We expect participants to be a team player, demonstrate flexibility and be an example of Christ at all times. 

For more information/questions regarding this trip, please contact us: [email protected]

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Sheri Postma



Due 10/21/2023


$1,425.00 1st installment Due 9/1/2023
$1,425.00 Final payment Due 10/21/2023


Mission Partners for Christ Release Form Required

Due 9/1/2023

Please complete and return either via email: [email protected] OR
mail to Mission Partners for Christ PO Box 203 Manhattan, IL 60442




  1. You must complete and pass our background check.You will receive this information after your application is approved.
  2. Each participant will need to provide 3 references. They will receive information regarding this after their application is approved.
  3. Passport with 2 blank pages and at least 6 months past return date of trip (5/13/2024) Provide clear color copy of passport face page by 9/1/2023
  4. Medical professionals please provide clear copies by 9/1/2023 of your diploma (matching healthcare profession), professional license, current resume.
  5. Consider obtaining Hepatitis A and oral typhoid vaccines. Polio booster recommended. For more information:
  6. A yellow fever vaccine is required and is usually only available at a travel clinic.
  7. A visa is required. This will be discussed at our 1st team meeting held via Zoom.


  1. We ask each participant to attend team meetings, including devotions. Please be on time during the trip and attend all trip activities
  2. We expect participants to be a team player, demonstrate flexibility and be an example of Christ at all times. We will discuss further at our team meetings held via zoom.


  1. You must be 18 years old or older


  1. Complete application, background check, provide references. complete release forms by 9/1/2023
  2. Start fundraising and submit required payments by due date.
  3. Start praying for this outreach
  4. Obtain vaccines


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